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That Autumn feeling

Av Stylizimo | September 14 at 15:22
Last time I showed you photos from our kitchen balcony, it was all about “ That Summer feeling ” , having the whole summer in front of us. I have to admit though; I haven´t ... Les innlegg

Black hotel suite

Av Stylizimo | September 11 at 09:28
Last weekend during Designers Saturday in Oslo I checked in at the Comfort Hotel Grand Central and boy did I get a big surprise when I opened the door and saw that I had gotten ... Les innlegg

Saying it with flowers

Av Stylizimo | September 08 at 07:08
Last week I had some friends over for dinner, and as you can see I like to do the little extra for my guests even though it was a regular weekday. So this time I decorated the ... Les innlegg

Making an upgrade

Av Stylizimo | September 07 at 06:21
Being able to renew some of what you already have is always a great idea. It´s good for the environment and you can make it more unique and personalized – almost like ... Les innlegg

EAM / essential articles

Av Stylizimo | September 04 at 06:04
I have mentioned to you before how much I like natural leather, so it´s probably no surprise that it was love at first sight when a dear friend introduced me to these handmade ... Les innlegg

Jotun Lady 2016 favorites

Av Stylizimo | September 03 at 09:03
Jotun Lady launched their new color chart last week, and I was there to see all the colors live. With all the talented people working at Jotun Lady, I knew they would come up ... Les innlegg

My favorite combo

Av Stylizimo | September 02 at 06:54
This fall I will be looking for more products in wood for our home, as it is my favorite combo together with black and white at the moment. It´s not only a great way to bring ... Les innlegg

Saying hello to Autumn

Av Stylizimo | September 01 at 08:01
It´s the 1st of September and it´s pouring rain outside. I guess it´s time to welcome Autumn. I actually prepared a little for Autumn this weekend, by replacing my summer ... Les innlegg

Dinesen´s FAB showroom

Av Stylizimo | August 31 at 08:12
I´m back home after some really inspiring days in Copenhagen and #danishdesigntour ( sponsored event ), seeing some great things that I would like to share with you. Let´s ... Les innlegg

Danish Design Tour next

Av Stylizimo | August 26 at 05:09
Today I am on my way to Copenhagen to attend the “Danish Design Tour” by Fritz Hansen, Royal Copenhagen and Dinesen. These are all brands that I like very much, so I´m ... Les innlegg
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