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DIY Marble Easter Eggs

Av Stylizimo | March 27 at 08:14
Every year I make new Easter eggs to decorate with, and this year I painted some of them in LADY 7163 Minty Breeze ( leftovers from our hallway… ), and I actually made some ... Les innlegg

Happiness in the window

Av Stylizimo | March 26 at 06:30
Flowers and plants make me happy, and nowadays it´s this beautiful clover in the kitchen window that give me a smile every time I´m in the room…  – cute, right?   Image: ... Les innlegg

Easy Easter DIY

Av Stylizimo | March 25 at 09:25
It has become a tradition to plant cress for Easter each year, as there is something nostalgic with it that I love so much…, pluss that it´s very easy to do. This year I ... Les innlegg

Elegant design by Herman Cph

Av Stylizimo | March 24 at 08:56
News it always exiting, at least when it´s simple, elegant and good craftsmanship. That´s exactly why I like the designs by the Danish couple Helle Herman Mortensen and Jonas ... Les innlegg

Shades of grey

Av Stylizimo | March 19 at 10:28
I´m “borrowing” one of the paintings that I have for sale , as I wanted some changes in the living room´s TV area. This painting goes perfectly well with our black and white ... Les innlegg

Black wall with books

Av Stylizimo | March 18 at 14:51
One of my favorite places in the house is our black corner with the wall of books. I just love the dramatic and supermatte “LADY 9938 Dempet Sort” that makes everything stand ... Les innlegg

5 Lamp favorites!

Av Stylizimo | March 16 at 19:26
  1   I  2   I  3   I  4   I  5   Looking for a centrepiece in your home? What about a fabulous lamp? On top of my wishlist right now is the Les innlegg

Win a Lyngby vase!

Av Stylizimo | March 12 at 05:47
I guess many of you are familiar with the popular Lyngby vase and Bonbonniere recreated by “Porcelænsfabrikken Danmark – Lyngby Porcelæn” ? They are such beauties, and ... Les innlegg

LIVING ROOM – Before and After

Av Stylizimo | March 11 at 18:57
We still have a few projects planned for the living room in our new house, but we are very happy with how it has turned out so far, so I´m sharing some BEFORE and AFTER photos ... Les innlegg


Av Stylizimo | March 10 at 12:35
Last week Rosendahl Design Group invited me to “The Blå Hus” in Denmark, that was Bjørn Wiinblad’s home and workshop until his death in 2006. Wiinblad owned a number of ... Les innlegg
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