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Av Stylizimo | April 09 at 07:15
It´s time to share some BEFORE & AFTER photos of the kitchen in our new house that we are renovating. It has been a long process, but we are very happy with how it has ... Les innlegg

Tidy start

Av Stylizimo | April 07 at 08:23
The Easter holiday is over and we are back home after some great days at the cabin. We came back on Sunday night, so yesterday we used our last day off to declutter our storage ... Les innlegg

Tilbud på BONYTT

Av Stylizimo | April 02 at 06:35
// Annonse Lange frokoster og late dager foran peisen når man ikke er ute og får fregner på nesa, er god stemning nå i påsken. Bøker og blader er selvsagt også en stor del ... Les innlegg

DIY Marble Easter Eggs

Av Stylizimo | March 27 at 08:14
Every year I make new Easter eggs to decorate with, and this year I painted some of them in LADY 7163 Minty Breeze ( leftovers from our hallway… ), and I actually made some ... Les innlegg

Happiness in the window

Av Stylizimo | March 26 at 06:30
Flowers and plants make me happy, and nowadays it´s this beautiful clover in the kitchen window that give me a smile every time I´m in the room…  – cute, right?   Image: ... Les innlegg

Easy Easter DIY

Av Stylizimo | March 25 at 09:25
It has become a tradition to plant cress for Easter each year, as there is something nostalgic with it that I love so much…, pluss that it´s very easy to do. This year I ... Les innlegg

Elegant design by Herman Cph

Av Stylizimo | March 24 at 08:56
News it always exiting, at least when it´s simple, elegant and good craftsmanship. That´s exactly why I like the designs by the Danish couple Helle Herman Mortensen and Jonas ... Les innlegg

Shades of grey

Av Stylizimo | March 19 at 10:28
I´m “borrowing” one of the paintings that I have for sale , as I wanted some changes in the living room´s TV area. This painting goes perfectly well with our black and white ... Les innlegg

Black wall with books

Av Stylizimo | March 18 at 14:51
One of my favorite places in the house is our black corner with the wall of books. I just love the dramatic and supermatte “LADY 9938 Dempet Sort” that makes everything stand ... Les innlegg

5 Lamp favorites!

Av Stylizimo | March 16 at 19:26
  1   I  2   I  3   I  4   I  5   Looking for a centrepiece in your home? What about a fabulous lamp? On top of my wishlist right now is the Les innlegg
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