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Norwegian Design & Trends 2015

Av Stylizimo | January 23 at 13:59
I am very proud of being Norwegian after visiting the  Gifts & Interior Trade Fair here in Norway yesterday. After they hired Dagny Thurmann-Hoelseth behind The Daily D to be ... Les innlegg


Av Stylizimo | January 22 at 06:02
Det er så deilig å drømme seg bort i vårlig inspirasjon når det laver ned med snø ute, så jeg ble ekstra glad når det kom et nytt Bo Bedre i posten i går. Bo Bedre er ... Les innlegg

Marble on my mind

Av Stylizimo | January 20 at 09:06
I´m still into marble and have a few new marble products on my wishlist. I would love to have this box for my jewellery and this tealight holder in my bedroom, as I think they ... Les innlegg


Av Stylizimo | January 19 at 07:58
Are you on Instagram? I love to inspire there as well, so if you want to follow me there too, you´ll find me at @stylizimoblog Here you see some pictures that I have shared ... Les innlegg

New painting

Av Stylizimo | January 18 at 09:38
I´ve had a little break from painting while moving and renovating before Christmas, but now I´ve had some time to paint again, and it feels great! Here you see my latest work ... Les innlegg

Bedroom beauties!

Av Stylizimo | January 16 at 10:00
  1   I  2   I  4   I  5   I  6   I  7   I  8   I have a thing for dusty pink these days, and have therefore made a bedroom moodboard with this delightful color ... Les innlegg


Av Stylizimo | January 15 at 09:14
My plan for today is to organize everything in the office, including my picture folders on my MAC (which I should have done a long time ago!) When we moved in, I basically threw ... Les innlegg

The new Bosch In’genius

Av Stylizimo | January 14 at 12:19
In the cleaning process when moving out of my old home, my vacuum cleaner decided to retire from service leaving with a bit of a problem when I got into my new home. Thankfully, ... Les innlegg

Green plants

Av Stylizimo | January 13 at 11:31
I have invested in some new green plants to add some color and new life to our home. As I mentioned earlier it felt a bit empty after throwing out the Christmas trees ( yes, I ... Les innlegg

Picture wall

Av Stylizimo | January 12 at 09:32
The picture wall that I have been planning lately is finally up behind the couch in the living room. It was a lot of work, but now that it´s up I´m very pleased. The room got ... Les innlegg
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