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Av Feel Inspired | November 21 at 09:30
Oliver furniture is a Denmark based design studio with authentic and charming concept of furniture for kids and adults. Their recent Wood collection is a series of beds from high ... Les innlegg
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Av Feel Inspired | November 19 at 09:06
I love the look of a nice, over sized winter coat. I have a wool one in grey and I just can't get enough of it. I wear it with a large dark grey scarf which keeps me warm ... Les innlegg
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Av Feel Inspired | November 14 at 09:30
My grandmother gave me a set of Hansa shelving system but the iron brackets got lost. After snooping around for over two years a set of three brackets were found. My father, the ... Les innlegg
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Av Feel Inspired | November 12 at 09:30
Thanks to  Ollie and Seb's haus I was introduced to Abacus Kids  who recently celebrated their one year anniversary. What a beautiful shop for kids! So nice. I love their ... Les innlegg
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Av Feel Inspired | November 10 at 09:30
Today I'm in awe with this place spotted on Fantastic Frank . What a beauty. BLOGLOVIN FACEBOOK PINTEREST TUMBLR Les innlegg
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Av Feel Inspired | November 03 at 09:30
My glasses hang together with the help of super glue. It's time for an update. I went into a store last week, tried on a couple of frames and left overwhelmed and exhausted. If ... Les innlegg
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Av Feel Inspired | October 29 at 16:39
We all love and adore Mathilda Clahr 's leather strap hangers that have been all around the blogosphere. A beautiful, simple and versatile item all around the house. But a wooden ... Les innlegg
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one snap monday

Av Feel Inspired | October 27 at 08:30
Here's a little snipped of my new shelving system that was recently put up in our living room. As the winter is now upon us, every inch of the apartment is now filled with ... Les innlegg
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Av Feel Inspired | October 24 at 07:00
Given that my current assignment in school is to make my own plywood from Icelandic birch wood and bending it into shapes - one of the results you can see here -  it's no ... Les innlegg
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Av Feel Inspired | October 22 at 07:00
Too early to think about 2015? Not for a notebook and journal frenzy like myself. I have been waiting for Majolein Delhaas planners to come out and am fairly certain that a ... Les innlegg
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