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Av Feel Inspired | October 24 at 07:00
Given that my current assignment in school is to make my own plywood from Icelandic birch wood and bending it into shapes - one of the results you can see here -  it's no ... Les innlegg
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Av Feel Inspired | October 22 at 07:00
Too early to think about 2015? Not for a notebook and journal frenzy like myself. I have been waiting for Majolein Delhaas planners to come out and am fairly certain that a ... Les innlegg
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Av Feel Inspired | October 19 at 07:30
As I just got my desk at school I have desk organisation all over my mind. Scrolling through my favorite:  My Dubio I came across this desk organiser using a long metal bar and ... Les innlegg
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Av Feel Inspired | October 17 at 07:30
Let's end the week with this home styled to perfection by Minna Jones from Time of the Aquarius , shot by Pauliina Salonen . BLOGLOVIN FACEBOOK PINTEREST TUMBLR Les innlegg
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Av Feel Inspired | October 15 at 10:38
One from my instagram account, a couple of notebooks that I have made for school. A black one with a carton cover (see it's diy instructions here ) and a marbled one. It has been a ... Les innlegg
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Av Feel Inspired | October 13 at 10:21
It's a cold, autumn morning today and I feel like all I want to do is stay at home under a blanket with a book and a nice cup of tea. That would be lovely! I'm opting for a work ... Les innlegg
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Av Feel Inspired | October 10 at 07:30
I had these two little plants that were in the need of a proper flower pot, but I just didn't find what I wanted. I recently upholstered a chair and I had some left over fabric ... Les innlegg
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Av Feel Inspired | October 06 at 08:30
Last night we spent the night painting that one living room wall. This morning I woke up so excited to finally put up our shelving system which has been waiting in storage for two ... Les innlegg
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Av Feel Inspired | October 03 at 11:24
Annaleenas work for the Blooc apartments are styled to perfection. Let's just take a moment and look through these pictures for a little bit... My favorite spot in this apartment ... Les innlegg
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Av Feel Inspired | October 02 at 13:50
While taking a short break from writing I wandered onto Fantastic Frank . Always inspiring. I am sure you agree with me on this. The kitchen in this Stockholm apartment is just, ... Les innlegg
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