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Boldomatic - the Instagram for words......

Av Emmas Designblogg | October 16 at 09:34
    If you follow me on pinterest or facebook, you may have noticed my love for graphic quotes and funny statements and wordings. Sometimes I find them online and other times ... Les innlegg
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Unique Penthouse by Koncept Stockholm

Av Emmas Designblogg | October 14 at 00:16
    I think this must be the most amazing apartment for sale this week, wouldn't you agree? Although I'm not quite sure if it's actually photos or if it's a fantastic 3D ... Les innlegg
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Minna Jones' styling for NCC

Av Emmas Designblogg | October 10 at 10:53
    Stylist Minna Jones of the Finnish blog Time of The Aquarius made this styling of a show home for NCC Housing  in the Kalasatama (Fisherman's Harbour) outside Helsinki. ... Les innlegg
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BEIGE, Concept Store Designed by Nendo

Av Emmas Designblogg | October 08 at 19:21
    BEIGE,  ...serene yet glamorous, and with a sense of refined dignity. Yeah, I totally stole that line from their site, because I think it describes the concept of this ... Les innlegg
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Ferm Living collection a/w 2014

Av Emmas Designblogg | October 07 at 20:44
    My neighbor has been playing O Holy Night on repeat all day, and even if that didn't exactly get me in to the holiday spirit, it made me realize that winter will be here ... Les innlegg
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Design Bloggers United Amsterdam Party

Av Emmas Designblogg | October 05 at 21:36
    As you probably know by now, I'm part of the Design Bloggers United group, where we travel around Europe having lots of fun and collaborate with chosen brands for ... Les innlegg
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The Home of Dieter Rams

Av Emmas Designblogg | September 30 at 11:23
    The entrance to the home office of legendary product designer Dieter Rams. See more pictures here .   Photo: Michael Kretzer       Les innlegg
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Bright Norwegian Family Loft

Av Emmas Designblogg | September 29 at 18:08
    Starting the week with a family friendly, light filled loft in Tofte, Norway, belonging to photographer Trine Thorsen. Downstairs you will find their small family run hotel ... Les innlegg
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Blackout with Fantastic Frank

Av Emmas Designblogg | September 25 at 18:23
    Loved this shot from a bravely decorated apartment for sale by Fantastic Frank. The whole flat is painted black, with white carpentry and tiles for a great contrasting ... Les innlegg
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All Is Pretty at home

Av Emmas Designblogg | September 24 at 15:35
    The home of Annie Lindgren from the blog All Is Pretty , featured in this month's issue of Plaza Interiör .   Styling: Pella Hedeby Photo: Kristofer Johnsson ... Les innlegg
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