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The Vipp Shelter, a step beyond prefab

Av Emmas Designblogg | December 18 at 16:33
    I was very much taken by surprise when I read the news about the Vipp Shelter . I would never have guessed a house would be the next step for the classic Danish design ... Les innlegg
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Christmas Inspo from Susanna Vento

Av Emmas Designblogg | December 17 at 09:54
    A small tree and a candle is really all it takes to create a Christmas feeling at home. I definitely prefer this simple decorating style that anyone can take inspiration ... Les innlegg
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Oblique Hanger by Annaleena

Av Emmas Designblogg | December 16 at 22:24
    I just love the new Oblique hanger from Annaleena! The styling of these pictures is also so great, super simple but impactful. Another new item in her shop is the ... Les innlegg
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New String photos by Lotta Agaton

Av Emmas Designblogg | December 15 at 21:26
    These just landed in my inbox! New photos for String , styled by Lotta Agaton and shot by Marcus Lawett . In the bottom photos showing a workspace, you will find a height ... Les innlegg
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Krusning lamp shade by Sigga Heimis......

Av Emmas Designblogg | December 10 at 17:34
    While on the subject of Spring news... This paper lamp shade by designer Sigga Heimis, whom I had the great pleasure of meeting in Iceland on my last trip there, is coming ... Les innlegg
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H&M Home Spring 2015

Av Emmas Designblogg | December 10 at 10:15
    I'm already browsing the Spring collections and all the press photos from them, but I'm not sure if we are ready for that yet? Perhaps we should enjoy the holidays ... Les innlegg
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Color and styling inspiration in a......

Av Emmas Designblogg | December 09 at 11:17
    I just moved, so I'm sitting in a sea of boxes writing this, but still wanted to check in and share some inspiration. I was quite impressed with these images from Flou , ... Les innlegg
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Studio Mama loft in Stockholm's Old Town

Av Emmas Designblogg | December 04 at 14:51
    I first got the architectural photos from this loft, and thought the space looked amazing but perhaps a bit too stark for the blog. So I was very happy when I saw that it ... Les innlegg
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At home with Skandinavisk

Av Emmas Designblogg | December 02 at 14:26
    While I was on a quick visit to Copenhagen last week I met up with Shaun from Skandinavisk , the brand we collaborated with for our Koto candle, and during our meeting ... Les innlegg
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Icelandic Design feature in Blue......

Av Emmas Designblogg | December 01 at 20:18
I just wanted to share this article on Icelandic design that I made together with photographer Mikael Axelsson for Finnair's in-flight magazine Blue Wings. Pretty proud of how ... Les innlegg
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