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Hetki Paper - visual moments from......

Av Emmas Designblogg | November 18 at 06:15
    I've been following the blog Suvi sur le vif for a long time, so I was very excited to read that Suvi is launching a new project; the site Hetki Paper . Together with ... Les innlegg
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Graphic black and white Xmas DIY......

Av Emmas Designblogg | November 17 at 17:13
    You probably know by now that I don't really do holiday decorating in my home. It's just not for me, all this gold and glitter extravaganza, or the shabby chic white ... Les innlegg
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Relaxed Bohemian Scandi Style

Av Emmas Designblogg | November 15 at 10:10
    Do you sometimes find that you can spot immediately when seeing an image which stylist is behind it? I do, and I'm not sure if it is because I see so many pictures all day ... Les innlegg
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Gradients + Plywood = Nendo's Design......

Av Emmas Designblogg | November 14 at 11:52
    Totally loving the gradient paintwork on the display boxes in the new Backyard boutiqe, designed by Nendo. I'm thinking of using the idea for a headboard for my bed, or ... Les innlegg
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Minimalist Industrial Tokyo Loft

Av Emmas Designblogg | November 12 at 15:12
    Tokyo is on my top list of places to visit, and the images from this rentable airbnb  loft apartment didn't exactly push the city further down on the list...   Found via ... Les innlegg
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Norm Architects' New Studio

Av Emmas Designblogg | November 11 at 13:06
    Copenhagen based Norm Architects just moved into a new studio, and it looks amazing, as expected. I can't wait to visit!                   Les innlegg
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Holiday Gift Guide 2014 #1 - The......

Av Emmas Designblogg | November 10 at 19:19
  I suspect you have all started thinking about holiday presents now, so I figured I'd make a set of gift guides to give you some ideas and inspiration. They will all have ... Les innlegg
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Giftote-bags by Nendo - a......

Av Emmas Designblogg | November 10 at 15:06
    As a little warm-up for the holiday gift guide I'm working on that will be up later today, I wanted to show you these super clever " giftote-bags ". Designed by Nendo for ... Les innlegg
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One Apartment - Three Stylists

Av Emmas Designblogg | November 08 at 07:33
    Fastighetsbyrån, one of Sweden's biggest real estate firms, just revealed their latest pr project. They let three well known interior stylists play around in Les innlegg
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Most Stylish 2015 Calendars

Av Emmas Designblogg | November 07 at 17:15
    I picked out my favorites among all the stylish calendars that are being presented now, and I suggest you get yours now before they sell out, even if it still feels like a ... Les innlegg
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