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Meet the creative mind of......

Av Decor8 | December 17 at 14:57
If you love creative and cohesive instagram accounts, beach scenes, melty ice cream, balloons and lots of dreamy pastels, Maria Marie is one to watch — Such a great eye! My ... Les innlegg

Micro Trend: Dipped Paintings

Av Decor8 | December 17 at 13:43
Dip, baby dip! Dipping anything from forks to baskets, glassware to plates, is most definitely a trend when it comes to decorating. I’m not sure if you noticed it yet in your ... Les innlegg

Hand-Lettered Silhouettes By Pommel Lane

Av Decor8 | December 16 at 09:45
When I found these hand-lettered silhouettes the other day on betype by Hannah at Pommel Lane, I nearly fell off my chair. So original, clever and gorgeous. I’d love to frame ... Les innlegg

Artist Belinda Marshall + Artist’s......

Av Decor8 | December 16 at 09:27
I learned something today, that artist’s have something like what a business has, a mission statement or more appropriately, an artist’s statement. I didn’t know that and ... Les innlegg

12 Creative Things To Make & Do –......

Av Decor8 | December 15 at 23:26
I’m working with the new Pinterest headquarters in Berlin (weee!) on an amazing campaign and it includes putting together some pinboards for them. One is all about ... Les innlegg

Blog Trends: Become Your Own Blog Star

Av Decor8 | December 15 at 22:43
Hello friends! Last Monday I kicked off a new 20 week series (#20blogtrends) to run on decor8 where I talk about some of the blog trends I’m seeing. My first column was all ... Les innlegg

Organize Your Life in 2015 With Mi Goals

Av Decor8 | December 12 at 13:33
Being organized is a battle! I know it’s not entirely possible to  be perfectly organized, especially with so many curve balls photo bombing our life at any given moment, ... Les innlegg

Giveaway: Pink Olive / Olive Box......

Av Decor8 | December 12 at 13:02
This is a great giveaway from my friend Grace in New York and her two companies, Pink Olive (her 3 shops based in the East Village, Park Slope and Williamsburg) and Olive Box (an ... Les innlegg

Giveaway: Studio Haikje $100 Gift Cards

Av Decor8 | December 12 at 10:12
Today is our final day of giveaways on decor8 for #12daysofgiveaways. I can’t believe it! And we are going out with a bang because I have not one, not two, but THREE giveaways ... Les innlegg

Giveaway: Caslon&Co $100 Gift Vouchers

Av Decor8 | December 11 at 21:42
Today’s last giveaway for#12daysofgiveaways is from another small biz, this time  Caslon&Co in the UK with modern home accessories sporting graphic patterns created with ... Les innlegg
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